The Band

Made up of seasoned musicians that just love to play, the Groove Devils are a dynamic and electrifying swinging blues band that creates a tight and irresistible groove that keeps the audience swaying and dancing all night long.  

From traditional classics to more contemporary blues artists and original compositions, the Groove Devils celebrate the rich history of blues while injecting their own contemporary twist. Whether playing at an intimate local club or a large music festival, this swinging band never fails to captivate audiences with their infectious energy.  Their live performances are filled with improvisation and spontaneity, making each show a unique and unforgettable experience.

 So, if you're ready to experience the magic of soul-stirring music that speaks to the heart, look for the Groove Devils playing live near you.

Gary Chadwick

Harmonica / Vocals

Dave Missall

Guitar / Vocals

Juan Saucedo

Bass / Vocals

Yuri The Fury

Drums / Percussion


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